Success generally comes from trial and error over a period of time, and the ability to look at a project and quickly ascertain the most economical and timely manner to take an idea and bring the business online.  We educate our clients to understand that once their site is launched the journey has just begun and  our "Life After Launch"  approach will help take them to the next level of their online activity.

Over the years we have learnt efficient ways of dealing with technology and projects, allowing us to provide quality solutions that are carefully managed by a team of developers and staff who are specifically experienced in the area they are responsible for.  We use and recommend secure software that is readily upgradeable so that you’re not ‘locked in’ to technology that quickly dates.

Sidney Evans


Stepping into the role in 2012, Sidney manages the infrastructure and is lead developer on the DO Travel project. Incredible problem solver and is a skilled Linux programmer.


Skill Sets include

  • php
  • basic perl
  • html/css
  • xml/api
  • linux administration
  • windows administration
  • nextG
  • server administration 
  • mobile applications
  • travel applications

Paul Rodgers


Paul works as the Team XD right hand man and is the senior developer with a passion for Karting, including popular Karting websites. Best known for his amazing DNN talents.


Skill Sets include

  • html
  • css
  • dnn
  • module configuration
  • photoshop 
  • skinning
  • dnn configuration
  • eCommerce
  • jquery

Nina Meiers


Nina provides experience and strategy insights for clients and has a passion for moutain biking and her flowers. Always in demand and a genuine passion for technology.


Skill Sets include

  • html (since 1996)
  • photoshop (since 1997)
  • xml (since 1999)
  • css (since 1999)
  • asp (since 2002)
  • email marketing (since 2001)
  • dotnetnuke (since 2002)
  • core team member (2004 - 2007)
  • ecommerce (since 2000)
  • Microsoft MVP (2007 - 2010) 



Lynn important role behind the scenes, is to assist Nina Meiers in all aspects of 'making sure things happen'. We value her skills immensely and has worked remotely on many projects..



A talented young lady, studying to be a nurse, but working her way through school, Jasmine provides that extra support when things get busy and has a good understanding of our general office practices.

Our Developers


We have a deep, trusted network of code specific developers to allow us to provide a solution to problems that may be presented. Their knowledge is invaluable. We have the utmost respect for them.

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Our first website was built in 1996.  Our   first client is still our current  client.
We fix, build, advise, optimise, host, design   and, we measure our success on yours.

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